This Yemeni artist is drawing images of peace over photos of the war

Yemen’s sectarian civil war became a full-scale conflict in March last year, but has largely escaped Western media attention.

Saudi-led air strikes launched at the request of the ousted Yemeni government have targeted schools, hospitals and markets and the civilian cost is already huge: around 6,000 people are thought to have died and 2.5m people have fled their homes because of the conflict.

Amnesty International says that 80 per cent of the 21m strong population are in need of aid.

With her country in crisis, artist Saba Jallas turned to her craft to try and find an outlet for her feelings of shock.

She found inspiration from Palestinian artists who drew over the smoke and explosions from the Gaza war in 2014 with pictures to inspire courage and hope.



Jallas started to create her own images on her smartphone, etching peaceful and compassionate scenes onto photographs of the destruction hitting Yemen


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