“I am carrying the flame for myself, but also for refugees everywhere”

“I am carrying the flame for myself, but also for refugees everywhere, for Syrians, for Greece, for sports.”

Syrian refugee athlete Ibrahim, who lost part of his leg in Syria’s war, has been chosen to carry the The Olympic Games‘ torch through an Athens refugee site on Tuesday.

Ibrahim was selected to take part in the Olympic torch relay, on behalf of refugees worldwide, as part of it’s journey to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

“It is an honor. Imagine achieving one of your biggest dreams. Imagine that your dream of more than 20 years is becoming a reality.”

The 27-year-old once dreamed of competing in the Olympics himself, but the war interrupted his plans – whilst helping a friend after a bombing, Ibrahim lost part of one leg.

Since arriving in Greece, Ibrahim has worked to rebuild his life. He swims three days per week and is also part of a wheelchair basketball team that meets five times per week, and travels across the country for competitions. Ibrahim does all this despite working 10-hour overnight shifts at a cafe.

“It’s not just a game for me,” Ibrahim says of his training schedule. “It’s my life.”

His coach Eleni told us: “He has not let anything stop him—not the war, not losing his leg. He’s been an athlete his whole life. Now, he’s back on track.”

Learn more about Ibrahim: http://tracks.unhcr.org/2016/04/bearing-the-olympic-torch/

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